Wag's 10/18

Yay! I made yet another trip to Walgreen's tonight. The start of the new week brought on some really good deals! My favorite cashier was just getting off when I got there, but luckily my next favorite was coming in after her! I did 8 transactions to get all of this. Tonight I bought:

6 Zantac
6 Theraflu
4 Glade
3 Triaminic
2 Robitussin To Go
2 Pert Plus
2 Herbal Essences
1 Venus Embrace Bonus Pack
1 Starbucks Drink
1 Halls
10 filler items

Grand Totals Are:

Total before coupons: $147.79
Total OOP: $9.49
RRs I left with: $1, $2, 2 $2.50, 4 $9

So, if you count the RRs, I made a profit of $34.51!!! It was a grrrreat night at Walgreen's!!!

Wag's 10/17

So I made a trip to Walgreen's tonight. Luckily my favorite cashier was there so I didn't feel bad doing the 11 transactions it took me to get these awesome deals! She loves to see the deals I get also, so we have fun ringing everything up. :-)

So for everything pictured my grand totals were:

Total Before Coupons: $109.90
Total OOP: $12.90 including tax

RRs I went home with: $21.00

So, really, I made a profit of $8.10! Woohoo! It was a great night at Walgreen's and now I'm set up for my deals next week!!

Wags 10/3/09

This was from my trips to Walgreen's. It took 2 days and 8 transactions. :-)
I bought:
6 Theraflu $24
6 Day/Nyquil $30
3 Halls $3
3 Vaseline lotions $20.97
2 bags of Reeses $5
2 Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner $5.98
1 Chapstick $2.99
1 Fusion Razor $8.99
2 $1 filler items $2
3 $.39 filler items $1.17

Total Before Coupons: $104.10 (w/o tax)

I Payed: $9.92 (including tax)

I Left With: $7, $6, $2, $1 RRs

So, I made a profit of $6.08 when you figure in the RRs!!! Woohoo! :-D

KMart Super Doubles 9/30

Ok, so this time around I really don't feel like going through transaction by transaction. In short, between my cousin Heather and I we got $464.24 worth of stuff for $30.83, including the toys! Yay us!!!