K-Mart Doubles 8/30 1st Trip

I took my first trip to K-Mart today for the doubles event that is going on this week. My experience was not that great. My cashier kept getting things confused and we had to have 2 managers come over to get it all straightened out. I hate causing problems like that for people as I have worked retail a lot myself and know how annoying it can be. I wanted my deals though, so I just kept apologizing for holding up the line. I spent more than I wanted but still got a decent amount of stuff for my money.

I bought:

3 Axe Shower Gels $12.79
2 Dial Hand Soaps $4
1 Suave Lotion $2.50
2 Clean & Clear Face Washes $8.98
2 Kotex Liners $2.58
4 Dentek Floss Picks $8.76
1 Advil PM $5.75
3 Palmolive Dish Soaps $4.77

I Used:
3 $1.50 off Axe-Doubled to $3 ea =$9 total
2 $.55 off Dial-Doubled to $1.10 ea =$2.20
1 $1 off Suave Lotion-Doubled to $2
2 $2 off Clean$Clear-Doubled to $4 ea =$8
2 $1 off Kotex-Doubled to $1.29 ea =$2.58
4 $1 off Dentek Flossers-Doubled to $2 ea =$8
1 $2 off Advil PM-Doubled to $4
3 $1 off Palmolive-Doubled to $1.59 ea =$4.77

Total Before Coupons: 50.13

Total I Payed: $13.50
I also left with a coupon for a free movie ticket from the Axe shower gel and a coupon for $5 off for my next trip.

Tomorrow I'm headed up to Jacksonville to do a couple more trips to K-Marts there with my cousin Heather. I have more free things on my list for tomorrow so my totals should be better. :-)


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